Rose Absolute, Rose Attar, Rose Concrete, Rose De Mai, Rose Oil Hydro Distilled, Rose Water
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    Agarwood Oil
    5 ml
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    Bay Leaf Oil, Laurel Leaf Oil
    5 ml
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    Oregano Oil
    5 ml
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    Bulgarian Lavender Oil
    5 ml
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    Attar is basically an Arabic word which means Scent, Fragrance or Essence; basically derived from the Sanskrit word Sugandha meaning Aromatic. It is natural perfume extracted from flowers, herbs, spices, or barks and distilled with base oils such as sandalwood oil.  Sandalwood is relaxing oil with a soft and woody fragrance useful for tension, depression, and nervous exhaustion.

    Pure Indian Attars are broadly classified as floral attars, Herbal attars or Mitti attar. Gulab, Kewra, Jasmine, Chameli, Raat Rani, Mogra, Khus etc. are floral attars manufactured from single species of the flower.  Heena, Amber, Musk, Kesar etc. are Herbal attars prepared from a combination of flowers, herbs and spices. Whereas, Mitti attar is produced by distillation of baked earth over a base material.

    Rose symbolizes pure love and is known as the Queen of Flowers, for its romantic properties. The aroma of Rose Attar or Gulab Attar cures depression and evokes passion. Jasmine is called the King of Flowers and symbolizes purity and nobility.  Jasmine Attar or Mogra Attar has a sweet, cool, pleasant scent that has a soothing and calming effect.

    Lotus is India's national flower and is widely used in religious ceremonies. Lotus Attar has a lovely, delicate perfume that helps us experience divinity, heals the soul and aids in building self esteem and confidence. Kewda Attar has a refreshing, smooth and balsamic fragrance that promotes creativity of the mind.

    Champa Attar has a calming and sacred effect that inspires joy and devotion, perfectly suitable for deep meditation. Saffron attar or Kesar attar is warm, soothing and helpful for meditation. Agar wood Attar or Oud Attar has sweet, woody aroma, useful in enhancing meditation and enlightenment of the mind.

    Prepared from a blend of many flowers, Musk attar has an attractive and appealing fragrance. Henna attar has a light and sweet aroma produced by the combination of its fine leaves and soft flowers.  Mitti Attar resembles the earthy aroma we experience when the season's first raindrops land on the hot, dry earth.
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