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    Fir Needle Oil - Buy Fir Needle Oil - Buy Fir Needle Oil
    Fir Needle Oil
    Botanical Name : Abies balsamea
    Price ($): $5.00
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    People often use fir needle oil in aromatherapy due to its properties in treatment of bronchitis, influenza, asthma, pneumonia, diseases of urogenital tract, cholecystitis, liver diseases, nephrolithiasis, rheumatic aches, hyperhidrosis and others. Make sure that fir needle oil does not cause allergy reaction to you prior to treatment.

    Fir needle oil is also used for inhalation baths, mere baths, aroma massages and to pour in aroma lamps. It is also used for sanitation of the patient's room due to its bactericidal properties. 4 to 6 drops of fir needle oil is poured into the aroma lamp. When heated it gives aroma of the essential oil into the room, it helps to struggle against respiratory diseases, it arrests inflammations of the respiratory organs. This technique is not only to heal but to effectively prevent diseases, especially in the period of epidemic. And application of inhalation procedures is even more efficient in treatment. If you decide for inhalations just take 1 to 3 drops of fir needle oil, the procedure lasts 10 minutes for 3 times a day. Directly influencing the respiratory organs, the essential oil of silver fir decongests and suppresses inflammations and is the perfect expectorant. Inhalations may be combined with massage of the chest with oil.

    Another way to prevent respiratory diseases is wearing aroma medallions with silver fir oil inside. Medallion can be variously shaped from ceramic just for adornment purposes. Pour 1 to 2 drops of fir needle oil immediately into the container or a cotton swab which is after placed into the medallion.

    Fir bath is also a well-tried remedy against insomnia and neurosis. Put 3 to 6 drops of oil into water and take a bath for 25-30 minutes. You should bear in your mind that intervals are necessary between procedures.

    You may want to massage fir needle oil in treatment of arthritis and rheumatic polyarthritis. It helps to remove inflammatory processes and relieve pain syndrome. To achieve better effect it is recommended that you warm your affected joint with a hot compress before applying fir needle oil.

    With skin diseases, dermatitis, herpetic eruptions a cotton swab soaked in fir needle oil which is applied directly to the affected skin spot.

    Aroma massage with fir needle oil is also recommended with influenza and other acute respiratory diseases. Follow the next procedure of the massage:

    * First, spread the fir needle oil to the collar zone of the back and chest

    * Energetically rub the essential oil into the skin while smoothly massaging

    * At last, massage reflex zone of feet.

    You may want to have the said procedure from 4 to 6 times a day, with equal intervals.

    Also fir needle oil is successfully used to disinfect cuts, scratches and small burns. For this purpose you should apply pure oil to the spot of minor wounds and cuts.

    Small amount of fir needle oil, rubbed into the pain area is to relieve aches caused by radiculitis, lumbosacral radiculitis, myositis and other diseases of peripheral nervous system. Oil is getting more efficient if the procedure is done soon after you take a bath.

    And as the last evidence of success and rejuvenating effect to the body cells of the fir needle oil added into cosmetics or used during taking a bath is its property to make skin elastic, wrinkles smoothed and more wrinkles prevented.

    And it is good to add that fir needle oil is not a perfect product for healing but also a concentrated substance, therefore pregnant women and children should handle it with precautions, and it would be much better if they consult the advisor, a specialist in aroma therapy. When consulted you avoid having allergic reaction, you will take a correct dosing of the substance, including the best way of exposure in particular diseases. If you want to have a favorable rejuvenating effect when using fir needle oil, you should follow recommendations of the specialist in aroma therapy; observe shelf life and storage conditions for this essential oil.

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    The information in product description is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace the care of a qualified physician. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all applications.
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