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    Lemongrass Essential Oil - Buy Lemongrass Essential Oil - Buy Lemongrass Essential Oil
    Lemongrass Essential Oil
    Botanical Name : Cymbopogon Flexous
    Price ($): $5.00
    Unit quantity
    Extracted from grass.
    Available in very bulk quantities as well.
    Citral : 68% to 72%

    Lemongrass Oil is well used in perfumery as well as in pharmaceutical industry for treating various health problems.† The herb of Lemongrass is native to India. Since ancient times, it was used in cuisine in Asia. It is a tall perennial grass (long slender, grass like leaves.† ) also used as it is.  Common names include lemongrass, lemon grass, barbed wire grass, citronella grass, silky heads, fever grass or Hierba Luisa amongst many others.
    Lemongrass Essential oil is distilled from Cymbopogon flexnous. It is noticed that it was used to rejuvenate mind and also for treating mental problems naturally. It was also proven that the Lemongrass has powerful anti fungal properties. It also help treating the disease like flatulence, muscle aches, athlete's foot etc.
    Lemongrass is being used by many with connective tissue problems ranging from torn rotator cuffs, to slap tears, injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons, strengthening muscles around the eye (DO NOT get or put essential oils in eyes), used as a natural blood thinner, for sinus and respiratory complaints, bladder infections, varicose veins, Salmonella, digestive problems and fluid retention.
    It is useful with respiratory problems, sore throats, laryngitis, and fever. It may help prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. Itís helpful with digestion and digestive problems such as indigestion, colitis, and gastroenteritis. It may improve eyesight. Lemongrass oil also assists in clearing up oily skin and acne; a good rinse for greasy hair and, added to shampoo, aids in adding a shine to the hair. As an antifungal itís helpful with athleteís foot. Lemongrass works as an insect repellant and helps keep family pets free from fleas and ticks.
    We are selling 100% pure essential oil of lemongrass. One can buy lemongrass oil from our online essential oils shop serving directly from India to worldwide. The wholesale essential oils category is having a good range of essential oils, pure essential oils, absolutes and lemongrass oil india.
    We are the largest supplier of essential oils from India having great range of pure essential oils and natural essential oils.

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    The information in product description is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace the care of a qualified physician. This data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all applications.
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