Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil) - Buy Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil)
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    5 ml
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    Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil) - Buy Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil) - Buy Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil)
    Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol Oil)
    Botanical Name : Cypreus Scarious
    Price ($): $5.00
    Unit quantity

    Nagarmotha Oil - Wild Crafted Organic

    Cypriol Or Nogarmotha is high used in fragrances for giving earthy as well as wood note. It is also used as a fixative into perfumes due to its low costing. In chinese folk medicine, it is used for treating digestive as well as skin problems.

    Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
    Supply Capacity : Small to 1 Ton
    Cyperine content: 28% to 34%
    Quality : Government approved 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade
    Strength of Aroma: Cypriol has a spicy, earthy, wood
    Uses:Perfumery, Pharmaceuticals

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