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    Rose Oil Hydro Distilled - Buy Rose Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Pure Rose Oil, Oil Of Rose, Rose Oil Company, Rose Otto, Bulgarian Rose Oil
    Botanical Name : Rosa Damascena
    Price ($): 10.00
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    Rose Oil

    Rose oil is also known as rose attar, rose otto and rose absolute. Rose essential oil is extracted out of the petals of the roses through distillation and its fragrance is extremely divine.

    Rose Oil is made from the history’s most valuable flower and that is Rose. There are many uses of Rose oil because it’s awesome fragrance is very rich as far as health is concerned. Otto of rose is one of the best sources for aromatherapy and perfumes.  Oil of rose has such an aroma that more and more people get attracted towards it. The scent of rose oil is perfect for health benefits whereas it is very rich in fragrance.

    Besides its attribute of divinely sweet fragrance, it contains very little oil by weight. Approximately 60,000 roses are used to distill one ounce of oil or you can also say that about 60 roses are utilized to get a single drop of rose oil. This fact makes rose oil very expensive essential oil.

    Rose oil shares the immortality of diamonds because it does not change with time and this is its remarkable quality. Rose otto has been traditionally used in medicines because it is used more often in treating various diseases and health problems with a greater effect.

    History of Rose Oil

    Being a revered flower, rose has a very renowned history. Everybody is aware that roses were considered to be the favorite flowers of moguls in ancient India. There was a princess named Nour-Diihan getting married to the emperor Dhihanguyr, Their wedding was organized in a garden which was surrounded by a canal filled with rose water. The princess saw a thin film or rose oil on the surface of the boat when the couple was piling the rose water. At that time everybody came to know about the rose essential oil for the first time. Since then rose oil was used in medicines as well as perfume.  

    Uses of Rose Oil

    Rose oil has many health benefits and due to that, it is all rounder oil and provides best of all physiological and psychological needs. Rose oil is best for softening the skin. It works as miracle for your heart and digestive system. Roses are traditionally considered to be very romantic flowers and so the oil extracted from Rosa damascene which is its botanical name, is considered great for your love life. It is renowned for its antiseptic therapeutic properties and so it is highly used as a tonic for heart, liver, stomach and uterus. It works as a medicine for women suffering from menstrual problems. It is a boon for eczema, stress and emotional problems. It is the best remedy for all your psychological problems. So, the rose essential oil has many uses including its uses at the time of depression, anger and fear.

    Creams, lotions and soaps also contain rose oil, because rose oil is very mild, anti bacterial, anti viral and with very sweet fragrance. After the distillation of rose oil, rose water is recovered; rose water is used as an astringent which is very beneficial for cleaning and refreshing dry and sensitive skin.

    Pure rose oil, with its sweet fragrance, has of course many ways to enjoy its benefits. With its physiological healing, psychological healing and emotional uplifting, it has been appreciated amongst all those people who experience this natural wonder.

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    An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. Usually these essential oils are named after the plants that they are extracted from. The process by which these pure essential oils are extracted is through distillation or solvent extraction. There are various natural essential oils that are used for medicinal purpose. One such purpose is aromatherapy. At Rose oil we offer 100 percent natural essential oils including rose oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, chamomile oil, spice oil and many more essential oils. We are exporter as well as importers of essential oils. You can also buy wholesale essential oils or bulk essential oils online.

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