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    Valerian Root Oil - Buy Valerian Root Oil, Pure Valerian Root Oil, Natural Valerian Root Oil, Wholesale Valerian Root Oil
    Botanical Name : Valeriana officinalis
    Price ($): 5.00
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    Valerian Root Oil

    For thousands of years valerian root essential oil has been used for nervousness and insomnia in Ayurvedic medicine in India and in traditional Chinese medicine. Valerian is an effective nervine that has carminative, stimulating and antispasmodic properties. It is a member of botanical plant and is treated as a herb. At present valerian root oil is produced by Belgium, Croatia and France and is acquired by steam distillation of the roots of the plant. Its main parts like roots, rhizomes (underground stems) and stolons (horizontal stems) are useful for medical purpose, its dried plant material is mostly used in tablets and capsules and dried roots are used for brews tea and tinctures. Due to its dirty-socks smell it is not an oil for perfumery.

    Valerian Root Oil has been highly esteemed since medieval times and used to be call “all heal”. Pure valerian oil was a very popular sleep sedative in the United States until it was displaced by synthetic drugs. Valerian Root essential oil helps reduce high blood pressure. It is a popular and reliable sleep aid and in controlled tests, the herb has been shown to lessen the time needed to fall asleep, and it also produces a deep, satisfying rest, similar to that of many commercial sleep aids. In addition, valerian does not cause “sleep hangovers” the next morning.

    In ancient Greece valerian oil was prescribed for digestive problems, nausea and urinary tract disorders, while native peoples relied on another species of valerian for treating cuts and wounds. It has also been found effective for calming nervous stomachs and may be taken during the day to relieve symptoms of stress. Valerian extract is useful for brain to raise sleep and compose body system. It also removes anxiety, stress and other issues. It assists insomnia, nervous indigestion, muscle spasms, palpitations, heart pain, neuralgia, fevers, and migraine, as a pain reliever, dysmenorrhea, intestinal colic, rheumatism, restlessness, tension, agitation and panic attacks.

    Studies have indicated that active ingredients in the plant’s pungent root both depress the central nervous system and relax smooth muscle tissue. Roots are useful in vitiated conditions of kapha and vata, arthralgia, ulcers, wounds , epilepsy, convulsion, dyspepsia, colic, constipation, jaundice, cardiac debility, dry cough, asthma, seminal weakness, chronic and intermittent fevers, ophthalmopathy, skin diseases, falling or hair, splenopathy, nephropathy, gleet, pharyngitis, leprosy, erysipelas and general debility.

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