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    Aniseed Oil - Buy Aniseed Oil, Pure Aniseed Oil, Natural Aniseed Oil, Wholesale Aniseed Oil, Aniseed Oil Manufacturer, Supplier Of Aniseed Oil
    Botanical Name : Pimpinella Anisum
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    Aniseed Oil

    “Pimpinella anisum” is the botanical name for Aniseed Plant. The oil of aniseed is extracted from the seeds and dried ripe fruits through the process of steam distillation. Originally from the Middle East aniseed today is grown in Europe, US and North Africa. It has very feathery leaves which are very fragile with small white flowers and grayish brown seeds. The plant grows to about 2 feet in height approximately.

    Pure aniseed oil was well respected by early civilization especially by the people of Rome, Egypt and Greece. Aniseed was used in spicy cakes by the Romans, the Egyptian used it in bread while it was used to calm digestive tract by the Greeks.  In India, aniseed oil was used as a breath sweetener. It is also used in toothpastes and mouthwashes.

    The use of aniseed oil in aromatherapy helps in treating muscular aches, joints and tissues, indigestion, cough, cramp and many other illnesses. While the therapeutic use of aniseed essential oil include it as being antiseptic, laxative, stimulant and other forms of therapeutic properties. Like other essential oils, people need to be careful when applying aniseed oil. The oil of aniseed is very strong and aromatic compound that is found in this oil can cause inflammation of the skin in many. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the use of pure oil of aniseed in case of skin conditions. If the oil is used in large dosage it can reduce the circulation and can cause cerebral clogging. New users are advised to consult professionals before applying aniseed oil or as a matter of fact any other essential oil.

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    An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. Usually these essential oils are named after the plants that they are extracted from. The process by which these pure essential oils are extracted is through distillation or solvent extraction. There are various natural essential oils that are used for medicinal purpose. One such purpose is aromatherapy. At Rose oil we offer 100 percent natural essential oils including rose oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, chamomile oil, spice oil and many more essential oils. We are exporter as well as importers of essential oils. You can also buy wholesale essential oils or bulk essential oils online.

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