Balsam Peru Oil, Peru Balsam Oil, Balsam Of Peru Oil
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    Balsam Peru Oil - Buy Balsam Peru Oil, Peru Balsam Oil, Balsam Of Peru Oil
    Botanical Name : Myroxyron balsamun
    Price ($): 5.00
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    Balsam Peru Oil

    “Myroxylon pereirae” is the botanical name for Balsam Peru. The essential oil of Balsam Peru comes from these Peruvian balsam trees, which are found mainly on the coast where El Salvador meets the Pacific Ocean. The trees of the Peru balsam have beautiful foliage with aromatic flowers and the height can be up to 25 meters. The oil of balsam Peru is said to have healing properties for skin related disorders, respiratory conditions and is also considered to be antiseptic in nature. The process of removing the oil from balsam generates three forms of balsam oil.

    Like other therapeutic essential oils, Peru balsam oil also contributes some of its features to the world of aromatherapy and pharmaceutical uses. The oil is used as an adhesive and aromatic component in soaps, detergents, lotions, creams and perfumes. The medicinal use of Peru balsam essential oil includes treating of skin diseases, stimulating the heart, increasing the blood pressure and eliminating respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic coughs, and bronchitis. In the pharmaceutical world it is more preferred over sulfur ointment.

    Due to its comforting, soothing and warming properties the use of balsam Peru oil in aromatherapy is widely accepted. It acts a catalyst for an aromatherapy blend. Though there has been no known toxicity found with the use of essential balsam Peru oil however, the balsam itself is known to give allergies upon contact. Therefore, it is always advisable to apply a small amount of oil to the skin for any allergic reaction. Furthermore, if you unaware of the properties of aromatherapy essential oils then proper guidance should be initiated.

    Pure balsam Peru oil has a light yellowish-brown color and mixes well with vegetable oils. The fragrant of natural oil of balsam Peru is that of vanilla and can be used in natural perfumery. When buying balsam Peru Oil user should be aware as there are many fabricated version of the oil available in the market and hence they should always avail the oil from a trusted source. Once such trusted source for all your pure essentials oils needs is We are manufactures and suppliers of pure essential oils in India. If you would like to buy essential oils in wholesale or bulk can provided you with the highest quality of pure natural essential oils including rosemary essential oil, citrus essential oil, nutmeg pure oil, spearmint oil and many more. Trust for all your essential oil needs. We guarantee total customer satisfaction.

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