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    Lavandin Abrialis Oil - Buy Lavandin Oil, Lavandin Oil India, Lavandin Oil Wholesale
    Botanical Name : lavandula hybrida
    Price ($): 5.00
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    Lavandin Oil

    The oil of lavandin is removed through the process of steam distillation from fresh flowering tops of the plant. Pure lavandin oil has a light flowery fragrant which is similar to that of lavender oil. The only difference is that it has a shaper smell and its color is clear. It is cultivated widely in France and often chosen by the cologne industry for its oil and the flowers for sachets, potpourri, and craft work.

    Essential lavandin oil is sometimes confused with lavender essential oil, this oil has wonderful healing properties. Applying lavandin essential oil helps ease sore muscle, relieves stiff muscles, clears the lungs, and other physical illnesses. Though it is not well known or widely used as lavender, the use of lavandin oil in massage oil proves to be an effective ingredient. The oil is considered to be balancing oil. The use of lavandin oil in aromatherapy helps a tired person achieve total relaxation. It helps in soothing a person suffering from stress. Furthermore, the oil of pure lavandin is like a fixative for cosmetic products. It also acts as a sleep aid for those having trouble sleeping. In vapor therapy the oil can be used for coughs, colds, and flu and to give a more relaxed feeling. When lavandin oil is mixed in a cream or lotion it is beneficial for the skin as it helps in healing wounds much faster and also calms dermatitis.

    Like all pure essential oils, lavandin oil is very strong in its undiluted form and hence should not be used by women when pregnant. The oil should be mixed with other essential oil before applying to the skin as it may cause irritation. Overall lavandin oil is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing essential oil.

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