Melissa Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Melissa Oil India, Pure Melissa Oil
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    Melissa Oil - Buy Melissa Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, Melissa Oil India, Pure Melissa Oil
    Botanical Name : Melissa officinalis
    Price ($): 5.00
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    Melissa Oil

    The oil from Melissa flower is widely found in the European countries as well as the United States of America. The pure essential Melissa oil is extracted through steam distillation. The fragrance of Melissa oil is close to light citrus flavor. Melissa essential oil is among the many essential oils being used in aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, as well as cosmetic industries. The fragrance of fresh Melissa oil is sweet, radiant, soft and lemon like.

    There are many characteristics associated with natural Melissa oil. Some important features of pure Melissa essential oil are antibiotic capabilities, hypnotic ability, anti-depressant and many more. The plant of natural essential Melissa oil can be grown in any type of soils but it should be noted that the plant needs to be protected from weeds.

    The use of Melissa lemon oil is widely used in cosmetic industries. Because of its fragrance it is used in making body sprays and toiletries. In additional to making fragrant products, the use of Melissa lemon essential oil is increasing in the aromatherapy sector. However, Melissa oil is very expensive and therefore, today it is being sold as blend of lemongrass oil and citronella oil. Six to seven botanical materials like flowering tops, leaves and stems are needed to produce one pound of pure Melissa essential oil. This is the reason of Melissa oil being very expensive. There are many providers of Melissa oil who sell cheap Melissa oil is either adulterated with other cheaper oils or the oil they are selling you by the name of Melissa oil does not contain Melissa oil at all!!! Remember, if any one tries to offer you natural oil of Melissa at a very low price then it is likely to impure as the true Melissa oil is high priced. It is obvious that the cheaper essential oils do not contain the unique powerful qualities of natural Melissa oil. You get what you pay for when Melissa pure oil is concerned because only a drop of Melissa natural oil if applied to the affected area can decrease the pain very quickly.

    Like other essential oils, it is imperative that you apply a small quantity to your skin for allergic reaction. Using Melissa oil safely or any other pure essential oil as a matter is absolutely important.

    Therefore, if you wish to use Melissa oil for aromatherapy then always ask for unadulterated version of the oil. Numerous therapeutic characteristics of Melissa oil are associated with the original oil, than the mixed version.

    The Melissa oil is used by people who are wanting to boost their minds by solving problems like over anxiety, depression, hysteria, panic, stress, insomnia anb hypertension. Physically it helps in relieving migraine headaches, fever, insect bites, racing heartbeats, high blood pressure, upset stomachs, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, eczema, recurring coughs and many more problems.

    The Melissa essential oil makes fine blends with Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, basil oil, Roman chamomile oil, rose oil, geranium oil, frankincense oil and ylang-ylang oil.

    All essential oils from are produced to the highest quality standards possible. We offer essential oils in wholesale as well as bulk quantity to keep fine therapeutic grade oils accessible to everyone.

    An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. Usually these essential oils are named after the plants that they are extracted from. The process by which these pure essential oils are extracted is through distillation or solvent extraction. There are various natural essential oils that are used for medicinal purpose. One such purpose is aromatherapy. At Rose oil we offer 100 percent natural essential oils including rose oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, chamomile oil, spice oil and many more essential oils. We are exporter as well as importers of essential oils. You can also buy wholesale essential oils or bulk essential oils online.

    At our online store of essential oils, you will find different varieties of essential oils to choose from. These oils are pure essential oil that can be used for medicinal purpose or they can be used as daily perfumes. We manufacture essential oil such as jasmine oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, Indian attars and many more. Rose oil, is committed in offering the best natural essential oil for skin care, pharmaceuticals and manufacturers of special products such as perfumes, cosmetic, soap and even used for flavoring foods. The quality of the essential oil can be noted as soon as customers open the bottle. We tend to provide the best essential natural oil at an affordable price.
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